About ScanMaster


Who We Are

ScanMaster is a global leader in the development, design and manufacturing of automated ultrasonic inspection systems. Our technologically innovative systems have been installed with prime customers worldwide.

Each ScanMaster ultrasonic inspection system has a number of core modules which are integrated in application-specific configurations delivering the right solution to address the specific requirements and relevant standards. These modules include advanced industrial PC-based digital ultrasonic instrumentation, mechanical manipulation systems, servo motion control hardware and production-oriented software packages.

With nearly three decades of inspection system expertise, ScanMaster has built up a large, knowledgeable and strong team of experts with diverse technology skills and application expertise. Delivering inspection systems to critical applications, our strong commitment to quality, service and customer support has been a cornerstone to our success.

Markets We Serve

Diverse Industries

ScanMaster delivers powerful ultrasonic inspection systems in the fields of aerospace, automotive, railways, steel, and power generation among others. 

Our innovative systems are available for a multitude of environments including laboratories and production facilities and enable the inspection of components both in production prior to use and while in service.

Our Strengths

Market Leader

With three decades of experience in providing automated ultrasonic inspection system and having installed hundreds of systems around the world with top tier customers across a range of applications, ScanMaster established its leadership by delivering cutting edge inspection solutions that enable our customers to maximize their productivity and improve quality.

Technological Innovation

Our customers rely on us to deliver advanced, innovative and reliable technology. As such we are constantly working on incorporating new and innovative inspection technologies such as ultrasonic phased array based systems that offer our customers flexible and reliable high-speed inspections solutions

Superior Quality

Quality is a priority at ScanMaster. All ultrasonic instrumentation developed and manufactured by ScanMaster leaves the factory fully calibrated according to,, the most stringent industrial standards in force today. Our systems are rated for safety and RFI/EMI interference and approved by renowned industry leaders. ScanMaster is ISO 9001 certified.

Experience and Expertise

ScanMaster has a large pool of electronic and software experts as well as mechanical and application engineering teams for the design, manufacture and testing of standard or customized systems. Their background and skillset are honed to deliver the right solutions to address customers’ specific needs.

Global Footprint

With a customer base across the world and our commitment to service and support, ScanMaster continues to expand its global footprint with representation and service all over the world, including North and South America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.