Today, steel pipes and tubes are used for stringent applications such as the transportation of oil and gas. In such crucial environments, pipe integrity is of paramount importance as defects or flaws could have disastrous consequences.

In a highly competitive and dynamic market, meeting the quality demands of both buyers and industry standards is essential to the success of pipe manufacturers. With the demand for high throughput, pipe mills work three shifts to achieve production capacities of 90% or more, thus requiring fast, robust and cost efficient testing systems. ScanMaster meets these requirements seamlessly. For nearly 3 decades, we have provided manufacturers around the world with a portfolio of leading-edge, cost effective ultrasonic inspection solutions and software products that ensure the highest levels of quality, precision and reliability while boosting productivity.

Designed for continuous heavy duty operation in multi-shift settings while operating in harsh, demanding, industrial environments, our AS200 product line offers:

  • In-situ solutions for the inspection of the pipe raw material before pipe forming
  • Inspection of the pipe both in-line, as part of the pipe welding line, and off-line for final pipe testing.
  • Robust solutions and flexible UT configurations supporting a variety of pipe production technologies.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software providing accurate and detailed results while eliminating false indications, and allowing fast, uninterrupted production throughput.

AS-200 applications

specific systems include: