Introducing the LS-50, a new member of ScanMaster’s standard immersion systems

ScanMaster Systems, Kfar-Saba, April 30th, 2017

The LS-50 was designed as a cost-effective system with a standard motion envelope of:
X = 750mm (30”), Y = 400mm (16”), Z = 450mm (18”).

It is equipped with a manual or high precision motorized transducer manipulator (A and B axes), a 400mm (16”) diameter, 80kg (176 lb) load turntable, and water circulation with a temperature conditioning sub-system. Mechanical performance is rated similar to that of the LS-500 series systems.

Additional adjustable yoke can also be provided enabling the implementation of Through-Transmission and Pitch-Catch methods.















The USC-100b and the industry choice, CSI software are standard system components. Included are a compact electrical cabinet and versatile operator station which are both attached to the gantry, resulting in an easy to operate system with a small foot-print.

LS 50 Water system














The LS-50 is an ideal, cost-effective solution for ultrasonic inspection of small parts and structures, as well as for laboratories and education facilities.