LS-50 – A New Compact Immersion Scanner

ScanMaster Systems, Kfar-Saba, January 18th, 2017
ScanMaster recently introduced an innovative small size immersion scanner. Based on the LS-25,  successfully introduced to the market over 15 years ago, the redesigned and advanced system  has a motion envelope of: X = 750mm (30”), Y = 400mm (16”), Z = 450mm (18”).
The new LS-50 is equipped with a manual or motorized transducer manipulator, a 400mm (16”) diameter, 80kg (176 lb) load turntable, and water circulation with a temperature conditioning sub-system.
The compact electrical cabinet is attached to the gantry.
Mechanical performance is similar to that of the LS-500 series larger scanners. USC-100b and CSI software are standard system components.

The LS-50 is an optimal, cost-effective solution for ultrasonic inspection of small parts and structures, and it has already been ordered by several customers.

First system will be installed at the customer site on Q1 2017

LS-50_ScanMaster systems

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