ScanMaster has enhanced and adapted its line of immersion scanners to meet the stringent inspection requirements set by the bearing industry.

ScanMaster immersion scanners service the full range of industrial bearing rings, from those used in high-speed trains to those integrated in windmills. These fully integrated, high throughput automated inspection systems provide the best bearing inspection solution, both performance- and productivity-wise.

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Features and Benefits

  • Rugged immersion tanks with high-precision mechanics
  • chucking and centering of the rings
  • Fast two-position lifting device (operated from the HMI screen) for easy loading and unloading of bearings
  • Motorized turntable chucks for automated
  • Provision for interfacing with a loading-unloading robot
  • Multi-transducer probe holder for increased inspection throughput
  • Fully automated inspection process requiring no operator intervention maximizes efficiency and helps prevent operator errors
  • Efficient "Teach-In" function for programming of spherical and ball bearings
  • Off-line part programming through importing part models from CAD files
  • A, B, and C-scan data analysis tool kit, including a tool library for analysis and evaluation of scan results
  • 3D display of bearing model and scanning robot
  • Comprehensive inspection reports with standard and customized versions