In addition to its extensive range of standard immersion systems, ScanMaster provides customized inspection solutions to meet customer's specific requirements. Such systems are specially designed by our in-house engineering team and are integrated with ScanMaster core modules (digital ultrasonic instrumentation, production-oriented software packages and servo motion control hardware) to provide a fully integrated solution tailored to the customer's needs.

Customized systems utilize conventional or phased array ultrasonic techniques to provide immersion or squirter inspection. Additional modules such as turntables, bar-rotator, yokes, and other standard or specially designed accessories may also be integrated.


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Features and Benefits

  • Customized architecture to match parts geometry and inspection requirements
  • Specifically tailored robust and precise mechanics
  • Phased array or multi-channel conventional scanning technology
  • Supply or integration of material handling devices, such as industrial robots
  • Implementation of industry proven software tools