UT/Mate – SpotWeld Inspector

The UT/Mate is flexible, powerful UT hardware that can be connected to a PC, laptop or MS Windows tablet. Integration with the ScanMaster SpotWeld application creates a complete SpotWeld UT instrument.

The ability to select the preferred working platform not only enables customers to comply with organizational IT standards, but also helps to streamline service and future upgrade needs.


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ScanMaster SpotWeld inspector highlights

  • Easy to use equipment with intuitive menus
  • Virtually unlimited number of inspection set-ups to cover the whole variety of parts to be inspected
  • Automatic GO/NO-GO decision making
  • Automatic classification of spot weld, based on advanced algorithms developed for a good correlation with the results of tear-down testing
  • Real time feedback to operator for probe normality and positioning
  • On-screen messages for operator guidance during testing
  • Automatic generation of inspection reports, with the option of customization
  • Built-in network connectivity
  • Data management option for integration into factory host for statistical process analysis


Advantages and benefits of using ScanMaster SpotWeld inspector:

  • Reduction of inspection time
  • Manpower savings
  • Prevention of inventory loss, as caused by destructive (chisel and hammer and tear-down) testing
  • Prevention of potential manpower injuries induced by the methods above
  • Near real time feedback to the production process
  • High reliability, smooth operation 7/24
Download - UT MATE Brochure (PDF: 1.8 MB)