Metro Rail Inspection – for the Chinese market

 The new TrackMaster Light, an inspection system mounted on a self-propelled electric trolley, is the latest addition to ScanMaster's product line for ultrasonic inspection of in-situ metro and underground railways.

TrackMaster Light’s innovative sled structure enables simultaneous inspection of both rails using multiple ultrasonic probes for maximal coverage of the rail profile. An advanced self-alignment module maintains sled positioning in all track scenarios, ensuring reliable automatic inspection. Real time B-scan display and rail height monitoring are some of the features available at inspection speeds of up to 15 km/h.


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Features and Benefits

  • Real time A- and B-scan display
  • Automatic defect recognition and categorization
  • Innovative sled structure designed to allow minimal water consumption without compromising UT performance
  • Automatic ultrasonic setup adjustment per rail type
  • Wireless transfer of inspection data
  • Easy operation from a single application screen
  • Optional integrated GPS for defect localization
  • Customized report generator
  • Long battery life