Non-destructive inspection of rail-tracks and rolling stock is growing in importance as a consequence of increased rail traffic carrying heavier loads at higher speeds. Monitoring track and rolling stock integrity and detecting any internal defects, cracks or voids is critical in avoiding catastrophic failures and ensures the continuous smooth operation of railroad transportation. ScanMaster offers a variety of fully automated ultrasonic inspection systems for identifying defects in rails and rolling stock during production and while in-service.

For the inspection of metro and underground networks in China, ScanMaster has paired its TrackMaster technology, a rail inspection system that draws on the experience of the well-known SFB-100 model. with an electric powered trolley to deliver a cost-effective solution capable of testing in demanding environments.

Applications specific systems include:


Rail inspection systems include:

A variety of inspection systems are available for wheels, axles and combined wheel set assemblies and are designed for in-service, production line or repair shops. ScanMaster’s field proven systems enable fast scanning and provide accurate data acquisition. Inspection results are displayed and reported in standard or customized formats. 

Axels and Wheels Inspection Systems include: