Rolled aluminum and titanium plates intended for aerospace applications are inspected in accordance with stringent industry standards. The large size of the plates and their wide thickness range demand high inspection productivity. Defect evaluation and comprehensive inspection reports are common requirements.

ScanMaster offers a variety of field proven, high throughput plate inspection systems designed to provide a complete solution for material testing and handling. ScanMaster systems use either phased array or conventional transducers for defect detection, and include advanced features for plate scanning, data acquisition, defect evaluation and reporting.

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Features and Benefits

  • ‘One stop shop’ providing fully integrated, high throughput automated inspection systems.
  • To provide a comprehensive inspection solution, systems may include material handling devices such as lifting platforms and rolling tables in addition to the immersion tank and scanning robot.
  • Full communication with plant computer for material handling, transfer of material information and test requirements, and handover of inspection results.
  • Advanced, unique features assure accurate scanning, reliable data acquisition and automated defect evaluation, as well as high inspection throughput.
  • Automated DAC calibration to reduce pre-scanning time.
  • Non-contact surface tracking to ensure perpendicularity of the ultrasonic beam on the plate surface.
  • Automated defect evaluation procedure complying with applicable standards.
  • Compliance with major standards, such as AMS STD 2154, ASTM B 594, ASTM E 2375, BSS 7055 and ABP-6-5232.