Squirter based Inspection systems

The extensive use of composite materials in manufacturing of aerospace and naval parts and structures is dictating an increasing need for adequate, reliable, high throughput inspection systems.

Structural parts can be scanned using various configurations of squirter systems, in both pulse-echo and thru-transmission modes. ScanMaster offers all possible scanning configurations, including overhead gantry with travelling bridges, dual scanning towers, flatbed scanners, and systems based on industrial robots. ScanMaster squirter systems are designed to inspect a wide range of aerospace structures, from flat panels to complex curvature parts. Both conventional, high penetration UT and phased array technologies are available.

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Supported Scanner Configurations

Travelling bridge type scanners are suitable for inspection of single curvature parts (one bridge systems) or double curvature parts (two bridge systems). This configuration requires minimal floor space and permits use of a turntable for high throughput inspection of round structures. A removable immersion tank can be provided as required.

Dual tower scanners are appropriate for scanning complex double curvature parts. A removable immersion tank can also be provided in this configuration.

Flatbed systems are used for inspection of flat parts or parts of moderate curvature. These scanners are usually equipped with multiple squirters for productivity enhancement.

Parts of complex shape can also be inspected by squirter systems using industrial robots.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated systems: All system components are designed, manufactured and tested by ScanMaster, ensuring smooth, reliable operation of the system as a whole
  • Scanning speeds of up to 1,000 mm/second
  • Simultaneous inspection in through transmission and pulse echo modes
  • Simultaneous inspection with linear and logarithmic amplifiers
  • Dual squirter, dual frequency features for high throughput
  • Easy part programming through intuitive Teach In tools, including import of CAD files such as CATIA
  • Advanced image analysis and processing tools
  • Adherence to Airbus and Boeing requirements
  • Packaged water systems with active flaw control, including storage, filtration and UV treatment
  • Optional turntable and part fixtures
  • Optional removable immersion tank (gantry and dual tower configurations)
Download - Squirter based Inspection systems Brochure (PDF: 2 MB)